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About Us

Physicians' Review Network (PRN) is an Independent Medical Review Organization. We provide external, expert, cost-effective, and unbiased reviews and consultations that facilitate medical service decisions.


PRN has been providing physician reviews of medical services to companies involved in managed care since 1995.  We have been providing reviews online since 2001.  Our secure, HIPAA compliant website can be used to submit, track and view reports.


When a request for medical care is not supported by sufficient clinical material to support that the service is medically necessary, review by a physician of the right specialty is often needed.  We have a large network of physicians located throughout the United States to provide fair and unbiased review of all types of healthcare.  In states, that require that healthcare be reviewed by a physician licensed by the state, PRN can meet these “state-match” requirements.


We provide many other services that require the participation of physicians.  See our “Services” page and visit our other websites for more information.



Our Vision


Physicians’ Review Network, Inc. is a nationally recognized leader and expert in providing independent medical reviews in order to preserve fairness and equity in the provision of medical care.




Albert G. Sheff, M.D., founder of Physicians’ Review Network, Inc., became involved in reviews and surveys of health care organizations as a surveyor with JCAHO in 1972.


In 1988, Dr. Sheff began providing review services and administrative consultation to several utilization review companies throughout the United States.  This activity expanded to involve other physicians and became incorporated as PRN in 1995.


Physician’s Review Network follows Dr. Sheff’s philosophy that quality patient care necessitates medical decisions that remain in the hands of physicians.



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