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It is very important that a separate question be asked for each service to be reviewed.  Please be as specific as possible and explain what criteria should be utilized in the determination.


Start the questions creation process by typing a question in the "add / edit" box.  When you are satisfied with the question click "I'm done editing - Add to Case". 


Repeat this process for as many questions as you would like.



You can see below that two questions have been added.  They are displayed under "Current Questions for this Case".  You can use the buttons next to them to make further edits or delete them from the case.  When you are done creating questions, click on the "Next Page" button to go to the attachments page.


Also notice there is a frequently used questions tool.  You can use this option to save time in creating questions.  There is a guide for that tool available on this site in the Timesaver section of the lefthand menu.



The next page of the referral is the attachments and submittal page, click here to see that guide.



Guide 1 - Create a referral

Guide 2 - Add your questions

Guide 3 - Add attachments and submit referral

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