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Adding Attachments and Submitting a Referral



Our attachment tool is available if you have digital medical records you want to send us online.


If you do not have scanning capability, we still recommend you use the system to enter the case, then fax or mail the records to us.  There are so many advantages to using the online systems besides sending the records electronically.  If you are going to fax records to us, skip to the bottom of this page to see how to submit the referral and print a fax coversheet.


If you want to send your attachments online with the referral, click the Browse button on the Attach Files page (see below) to locate the first file you wish to attach.



Once you have located the file, highlight it and click open.



The file name will now appear in the "upload a file" window.  Click the "Attach File" button, and the file will be sent to our server.  Please be patient during this step, especially for larger files.



Here, a file has been attached.  You can repeat the process as many times for as many files as you need.  For large cases it may be beneficial to break the case up into multiple attachments.


Click "Submit Referral" and you are done.


This is your confirmation page.  If you want to print a copy of the referral for your records, or to use it as a fax cover sheet, you can do so by clicking view case.  There is a print button on that page.  Use the resulting printout as your fax in referral form.




Guide 1 - Create a referral

Guide 2 - Add your questions

Guide 3 - Add attachments and submit referral

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