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This guide starts from the Welcome to Client Services page, displayed immediately after you login.  To learn how login, please view the "How to Login" guide.


To get to the password change option, click "Secure email logon"


Under account, enter your username (without “” at the end.)

Under old password enter the current password.

Enter your new password and confirm it.

Then click OK to make the change.



This window will pop up to confirm the change.


You can close this window. The old password may still work for 15 minutes or so.  After that you will be able to use your new password and no one else can access your account.


These steps may be repeated at any time to change your password as often as you like.


If you ever forget your password, please contact PRN at 800.257.6888 x113 and we can send you a temporary password.  You could then go through these steps and change your password to whatever you would like to use.


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