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  How to Download a Report  


The option to download reports is available on the "Manage Your Referrals" page.

To get to this page, you must be logged into the system ("How to Login" ).

Once logged in, you will the see the "Welcome to Client Services" page.

Click the "My Referrals" link at the top of that page to get the "Manage Your Referrals" Page.



The Manage Your Referrals page is shown below.  The 20 cases most recently sent to PRN will appear on this page in the Recent Referrals section.  If you want to search for older reports, you can click on the "Click Here" link at the top right of the Recent Referrals section to open the search page, where you can specify criteria to use in locating the desired reports.


Cases that have a report ready for download will have a check mark in the Case Completed column.


Click on to download a report.




On the Referral Details page (see below), you can download any of the reports shown in the Download Reports sections.  Click on the file name and you will be given the option to either save the report on you computer or view it on your screen.


The Referral Details page also shows the status of the case, as the due time (Arizona time) and which PRN staff member is working on it.


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