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Standard Questions can be used to save time when creating a new referral.  Because several people at your company may be accessing the online services, you can create as many Standard Questions as you like.


This guide starts from the Welcome to Client Services page, displayed immediately after you login.  To learn how login, please view the "How to Login" guide.


To get to the Frequently Used Questions tool, click "My Referrals."



Click on "Use Template for New Referral" and a drop down will appear. 

Too add or edit your list of questions, click the "Frequently Used Questions" button.



This is the creation tool.  A standard question has been entered here.  Notice that a blank space was left in the question.


On the questions page in a a referral, there is an option to modify frequently used questions before adding them to a case.  For example, the blank space below could be replaced with the word "surgery."


Click add and this will become one of your Frequently Used Questions.  You can add as many questions as you like.



This next screen shot jumps ahead to the questions page of a new referral.  You can see here if you click the "+" symbol next to "My Frequently Used Questions:," it expands to show them.  Choose "add / edit," and the selected question will appear in the add /edit box. 

Make any necessary changes, and click to "Add to Case."




You can now see your question in the "Current Questions for this Case" section.  .

Repeat this process to add as many questions to the case as you like.


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