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How to Create a New Referral



This guide starts from the Welcome to Client Services page, displayed immediately after you login.  To learn how login, please view the "How to Login" guide.


To start a new referral, click "My Referrals"



This is the "Manage Your Referrals" page.  You will see this page a lot.  From here you can manage all of your PRN referrals.  To create a new referral, click the new referral button.


(You can save time entering data by using a template.  A guide showing how to do that is available on this website under the Timesavers category in the lefthand menu.)


This is an interactive screen shot of  the referral form. 

Click anywhere on the form to get more information about a section.



The next page of the referral is the questions page.  To view that guide click here.



Guide 1 - Create a referral

Guide 2 - Add your questions

Guide 3 - Add attachments and submit referral


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