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Templates can be used to save time when creating a new referral.  You can have all of your information pre-populated into a referral by using one.  Because several people at your company may be accessing the online services, you can create as many templates as you like.


This guide starts from the Welcome to Client Services page, displayed immediately after you login.  To learn how login, please view the "How to Login" guide.


To get to the templates tool, click "My Referrals"


Click on "Use Template for New Referral" and a drop down will appear.


To create a new template or edit an existing one, click the "Create/Edit Template" button.  This will open the "Referral Templates" page.



The "Referral Templates" page (see blow) shows all your current templates and allows you to edit them or to create new ones.  To create a new template, click the "CREATE A NEW TEMPLATE" button.



Give your template any name you want.  The example below is named "Brian."  Click continue.



Enter all of your information here.  Remember that the email address you enter here will receive a notification when the report for the case is done.  That way you will know exactly when you can log into the system to get it.  Click continue to move on to the next screen.



Some of our clients send the exact same type of case all the time, so you have the option to fill these fields into your template.  You can also leave these blank if you want.  When you use a template to create a new referral, the fields that are filled in are never locked, so you can change them at any time while creating a referral.  For example,  if you filled in "workers comp" as the category in the template, you could change it to "General UR" when you use the template to create a referral.

Once you have filled these in or decided to leave them blank, click Create Template.



You will receive a prompt asking if you are sure you want to create it.  Click ok and you are done.



Now, as you can see in the Referral Templates page, your template is saved.  You can edit it from this screen any time you like.  You can click the My Referrals button to go back and use the template for a new referral.



This is the My Referrals screen. When you click Use Template for New Referral, you can see that your template is available.  Click on it and a new referral will open with the fields pre-populated.


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